About melanoma

Melanoma is one of the fastest spreading lesions. Melanoma is curable if it is diagnosed in early stages. If melanoma is diagnosed in the early stages, the curability reaches about 90 percent of patients. In another hand, if melanoma is diagnosed in late stages, then curability is less than 50 percent. To attain better curing result it is not enough to diagnose the disease, but there is permanent monitoring needed before and after procedures. In this website, you will find information about melanoma from the technical side. Let us say, how lesions are dedicated, how photographed and what do doctors do to make a diagnose. There are many techniques for making melanoma diagnoses. The most widely used by dermatologists is the ABCD(E) rule, where skin images are taken, and then shape, color, and structure analysis of lesion is made. This rule is so simple that everyone can do it by himself, but of course, you can’t make a diagnose, because there are so many exceptions and other things you don’t know, and therefore you can be mistaken. For example, your lesion can look very suspicious and dark, but it can be benign, and on another hand, the lesion can be tiny and almost unnoticeable, but it can be skin cancer. Later I will add a few articles about how ABCD rule works, and you can inspect your skin at home. But of course, if you are concerned about them, it is better to visit dermatologists.

My articles there are only reviews and my personal opinion. Don’t take it too seriously as I am not a doctor. I don’t take any responsibilities as this information is for learning purposes.

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