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A giveaway experiment – post to forum – [Over]

Today I want to start a small giveaway experiment. I am going to start with pretty good development board that might be really handy to someone. It’s an LPC2148 development board that features many cool features like LCD, on-board EEPROM, RS232, USB, VGA, PS2 connector, JTAG, SD, RTC crystal and battery, Audio amp, 8 LEDs and couple buttons. This is great platform for many cool projects especially if you had experience with ARM microcontrollers.

In order to get a chance to win this board, you simply need to login or connect to our forum and post at least two meaningful posts related to electronics. Be sure to enter your email in case wee need to contact you for shipping details. You can start new discussion, or answer to existing questions. If I will see significant activity, I might consider adding more items or gift certificates.

The giveaway ends on March 20 and winner(-s) will be picked randomly.

If you have suggestions or ideas please post to forum topic.

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