5 Life-Hacks Students Turn to in Order to Pass Exams with Flying Colors

Exams play a big role in a student’s overall grade for a class. However, a lot of students face a problem of not being good test takers. This can put a damper on their GPA even though they are very good at other grading aspects in their class. If you happen to be one of those students, would you love to find a way to pass your exam with flying colors? There are ways you can achieve the perfect grade and it’s by following some of these creative life-hacks to pass exams effortlessly!

1. Thigh Notes

This hack may just be for ladies but it can be very handy. What you do is write notes on a small piece of paper that can be taped to your thighs. You can cover them with shorts, a dress or skirt that can be easily lifted just enough for you to see the notes while keeping them covered. It would work better if you did not sit within the first few rows up front.

2. Water Bottle Label Guide

Take the label off your water bottle and write notes on the back. When you are finished, tape the label back in its place. That way, when the water isn’t surpassing the notes, you will be able to see it from within the bottle. Just be sure to try to keep the written notes not visible to other students or your teacher who might be within sight.

3. SmartWatch Helper

If you have a smartwatch, you can program notes into it. Some people like to use speech text apps where you can personalize notes formulated to help you on your test. Just be mindful when you are using it.

4. Calculator Phone

A little trickier, some people have hollowed out a calculator and replaced the insides with a cell phone. You would have to cut out the top portion of the calculator in order to remove it and see the screen of the phone. However, you’ll be able to surf the web and look for answers. Just make sure your phone won’t make a noise if it receives a call or text message!

5. Napkin Notes

Finally, you can bring in napkins and use them as pretend tissue while secretly having personalized notes on them to refer to. Be careful not to sneeze into your notes or set them on the top of your desk in a way that will allow other people to see your writing.

Sometimes students need a life-hack in order to get flying colors on their next exams. However, keep in mind that some hacks might not always be approved by your teachers. If you choose to use those hacks, be careful to not get caught because you could get into a serious trouble. The safest way to pass your exams and not get in a trap is through hard studying and using approved notes or materials. And, if you have any doubts about your capability of passing the exam on your own, better ask a writing service like https://worldessays.com/ to help you get ready for this stuff. Good luck!

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