The HTC One M8’s best features


The HTC one was released in March 2014 and four months later; it is still a huge hit with the market. Despite the leaked video that surfaced around a month prior to the phone’s official release, the M8 was met with mostly positive reviews and critical acclaim. The dust has largely settled, with HTC now focusing on other projects – such as their android smart-watch to name but one – although it hasn’t stopped the phone from making sustainable sales. Granted, at the beginning of 2013, sales of mobile devices were tipped to increase – Hispanics in particular were projected to be 37% more likely to buy a mobile device – and with that in mind it is easy to see why sales may have remained at immensely high levels. The price is another possible factor to sales though, as T-Mobile’s contract price of $26.50 for 24 months is more than reasonable but it could, however, ultimately be the phone itself and with that in mind we take a look at some of its best bits.

Zero Gap Aluminium Body
Outward design isn’t always integral to a phone’s success or failure, as even the ugliest phones have proved they can stand the test of time. But the M8’s introduction of slick and tapered edges combined with refines in construction means that the phones looks as smart as ever. With a gun-metal grey finish, the phone looks both smart and casual enough for all purposes and one thing is for sure; the design is surely a key factor in many of the sales made thus far. Research in December 2013 found that 60% of Hispanics use their phone for online uses and considering the amount of time that can be spent online today and the amount of site variants there are – you will no doubt want to surf the web on a sleek and suave designed device such as the M8.

4.4 KitKat
Dubbed as the “sixth sense” by many reviewers, Android’s 4.4 operating system offers several different modes of operation for every want and need. Android have also committed to at least two years’ of hardware updates – which allows users the comfort of knowing things will improve should they not be happy – to accompany the updates such as “Motion Launch” and “Extreme Power Saving Mode”. Motion Launch allows users to unlock the phone by simply double tapping as they pick up the phone, allowing for ease of use, whilst the power saving feature automatically turns off apps that are reducing battery life and that aren’t currently needed by the user. Hispanics were found to use their mobile and smart devices for a whole host of different reasons, from app using to web browsing, and while this does have negative effects such as the draining of battery, the sixth sense tools – most notably the battery saver application – will make everything easier for Hispanics on a day to day basis when operating their mobiles

HD Screen and rotation mechanism
In regards to screen quality, it is often a case of quality over quantity. There is no point having a big screen if you are going to apply poor screen or pixel resolution, but with the M8, it appears to have the perfect balance. Pair this with the auto-rotating mechanism that flips the screen per request and this is the perfect phone to watch a film, video or movie on, whilst also proving to be a handy device for video chat! Video Chat may seem less than necessary, but in the Hispanic community 32% were found to use their device for this purpose – should they have a mobile device, which was 12% more than the next best user rate – making it a likely contributing factor to sales should HTC receive any.

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