Technical Essay Topics for Students

Writing technical papers is one of the tools that students are expected to have by the time they leave school. It is therefore necessary that they know how best to write these papers especially for their research purposes. Technology is fast changing. This calls for people to embrace the changes and advancements in technology. In this article an outline is given on how to come up with a technical topic and develop an essay thereafter.


Argumentative essays, just like persuasive, require that the student should think thoroughly about the best idea to write on. The topics chosen should in such a way that the student finds it easy in developing a coherent argument. Getting to come up with a main theme that you can really sink your teeth into as you write is one of the major breakthroughs in the field of technology.

The best thoughts for paper writing is one that you are ready to research for. This should be a topic that you care about. Choosing a topic that one cares for, saves them a great deal of time in coming up with a well structured argument in their writing.


The argumentative essay topics below can be used a basis for developing a coherent and argumentative paper. They also act an eye opener to student seeking to come up with ideas for essays. See the examples:

  • People should be held responsible for what they post in social networks
  • Sale of violent video games should be banned
  • The production process for electronic gadgets is environmentally friendly
  • Acoustic noise reduction techniques are embraced in construction of all buildings in town

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