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Hello folks. Thank you for visiting my blog. It has pretty long history and undergone several major changes. Its been a process of learning and experimenting. I know, sometimes it seemed pretty slow – only few posts in a month or no activity. There is no fun to keep that way. This is why this year I decided to reborn with new ideas and energy. You have already noticed, that design of blog has changed. I hope it looks better and clean.

I dropped the old and ugly logo – it seemed somewhat cold and huge. Needed something smaller and live, that would be easy to remember. Hope you like it.

The major reason of changing blog theme was need for handheld and mobile devices support. We cannot ignore them anymore. Probably many of you use smart devices like tablets, and smart phones with varying resolutions. Old site design simply didn’t detect those and tried to display whole page where you had to zoom in order to read something. Now template automatically adjusts to screen resolution so you could scroll and read immediately. This is how it looks on my Samsung GT-S5830i:

webpage seen on Android phone

Design is nothing compared to content. It seems that I was too much focused on other things, and so blogging became irregular and somewhat not very engaging. With new look be sure to see more activity, more posts with more opinion, projects, tutorials, personal experience.

Another thing that is even more important – community. With new ideas and personal experience I we can build growing community where we could learn together, share thoughts together and enjoy results.

I want to make scienceprog be accessible for everyone – no matter if you are a pro or beginner. If you care about technology, science and things you understand or not – this is the right place. You are welcome to join, ask questions or help others. There are several ways of joining us:

  1. Forum – it’s new, so be early guests to start things going;

  2. Facebook;

  3. Twitter;

  4. Google+;

If you want to log in to scienceprog, post comments, write in forum, you can do this by using Social Login feature found on sidebar:

easy way to login in to scienceprog

With single button press you can become a member using one of favorite social account. Or you can always register using regular form.

Site is still being polished, so if you notice problems, errors or other anomalies please let me know. You drop a note in forum or use Contact Form to send direct e-mail.

Thank you!


  1. My only advice is to keep in mind to not aim too ambitiously in too many directions at once.

    Other than that, awesome! I’m not sure I like the new logo, it does seem somewhat polished though – but the design is pretty enough and doesn’t get in the way of the content. 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Thanks Erik for response. Logo is one thing that still looks not very right for me either. Still trying things out. I’m thinking something more minimalistic could be more fit.

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