iZettle competitors review

The iZettle has is quickly becoming one of the most talked about gadgets on the market. It is a peripheral for the iPhone that quickly changes your iPhone into your own personal credit card reader, perfect for small businesses, sole traders, online casino gamers or indeed gaming enthusiasts of any kind, as well as hundreds of other uses.


The iZettle may be the most popular, but there are other devices on the market that perform just as well, and in fact are much better when compared against the iZettle. The Sumup is one such competitor and it has really tried to mark out its own niche in what will certainly be an expansive market. Whereas the iZettle is designed for use with iPhones, the SumUp is available for both iOS and Android. This opens the market up considerably and allows the SumUp to get into as many places as possible. What’s more, the SumUp peripheral is free when you sign up to the program, whereas the iZettle will set you back twenty pounds. While this will not affect the quality of the card reader itself, there are likely to be some people who would rather take the reader on as a test to see if it benefits them before they drop any money on it.

The iZettle has been designed and marketed as a card reader for all occasions. Whether you’re transferring funds to your online casino account or paying for a shopping spree online, the iZettle seems to be a little more focused on flexibility. The SumUp, on the other hand, has been definitely designed with small businesses and shop owners in mind. For them, it is the perfect mix of innovative and easy to use and will make a real difference to those people trying to expand their customer base.

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