How to Keep a Place on the Boat with Linear Actuators

Actuators are simple devices capable of producing short stroke motions that is in either directional or non-directional movements. Marine linear actuators produce motion in a straight line used for applications that require positioning and lifting. With the principle of the inclined plane where the thread of the lead screw acts as a continuous ramp to allow rotational force, movement is enabled in same directions which enable movement and adjustment used for lifting different objects on the boat that enable space creation.

Lifting and positioning of tables

By short stroke motions produced by the actuator, simple movements that include lifting and positioning of tables is enabled by use of remote and buttons. This means a table and seat can be moved from place to the other if required and also enables place to be created for other purposes. Adjusting tables to different heights enable same table used for different purposes that include dinning or working saving space that would be used by many tables.



Automation by linear actuators in yacht kitchen

In luxury kitchens, linear actuators are fitted in kitchen cabinets and spice racks. The lifting force produced by the actuator helps to enable emerging racks that emerge on request. This space is used to perform other functions when the spice rack is not required and enables storage of many utensils in a limited space.


Lifting TVs and working monitors

It is another important application enabled by linear actuators on boats to creating place. It creates a motion that enables by use of a remote to lift flat TVs when required and lower them to use that space when not required. This enables availability of more space for other applications.


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