Compact 500mW laser engraver can bite any soft material

Laser engraving is a great way of decorating objects. All you need is to create picture with any popular CAD software and send it to printer to be transferred on surface. You can find large variety of laser engravers that vary in laser power, printing area, resolution and so on. The more powerful laser is used – the harder materials can be engraved. Anyway with bigger power there comes more related problems like proper cooling, safety and electronics. Everything comes with price.


If you are looking for something simple that could engrave soft materials like wood, paper, leather, plastic, then you should look for less powerful laser engraver which naturally is cheaper and simpler to handle.


GearBest offers a great deal on 500mW laser engraver (Coupon code: JDKOI)which comes in relatively small size (14.1 x 12.2 x 12.2cm) and can print up to 38 x 38mm area. Laser head can be controlled to print gradient effects by adjusting print speed and power output. Aluminum + iron case ensures stability and rigidity of frame which is essential to high resolution printing. Built in fan ensures smoke removal while engraving.


With such low power laser engraver you can do lots of fun experiments or build series of cool stuff. For instance you can engrave ornaments on wood, paper. Also you could try cutting art foam or other materials of your choice. If you are electronics hobbyist, engraver could be used to burn labels on front panels and so on.

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